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Die #Musikmesse findet mit #SUPERBOOTH16 ab jetzt in #Berlin statt!

Funkhaus 25
Mit SUPERBOOTH16 holt SchneidersBuero vom 31. März bis 2. April erstmals zum ganz großen Messeschlag aus. Was einst als Stand auf der Musikmesse Frankfurt begann, wird nun in der Hauptstadt als breit angelegtes Kulturfestival fortgeführt. Mit dem historischen Funkhaus Berlin könnte der Veranstaltungsort akustisch wie architektonisch nicht besser gewählt sein. Die #Musikmesse findet mit #SUPERBOOTH16 ab jetzt in #Berlin statt! weiterlesen

#Free #chorus #effect #plugin: #Acon #Digital #Multiply

Acon Digital Multiply Chorus
Acon Digital Multiply Chorus

Acon Digital Multiply is a free and versatile chorus effect with a unique twist.

Each simulated voice is processed with a phase randomizing filter so that unpleasant comb filter effects are avoided.

The effect can be used to simulate the effect of several performers playing the same tones simultaneously, to widen the spatial image or to create special effects for sound design. Multiply can simulate up to 6 additional voices and both the pitch and the loudness of the voices can be modulated. There is also an integrated equalizer consisting of low cut, low shelf, high shelf and high cut filters that can be applied to the effect signal. An integrated pre-delay section makes it possible to create modulated and diffuse echo effects. 


Platforms and Plug-in Formats

  • Available as VST or AAX plug-ins on PC (Windows)
  • Available as VST, AAX or AU plug-ins on Apple Macintosh (OS X)
  • Native 32 bit or 64 bit versions of all plug-ins are available
  • Supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz
  • Mono and stereo (true stereo processing)

Acon Digital Multiply

  • Chorus effect with up to six separate voices
  • Randomized phase filters in order to avoid comb filtering effects while keeping delay times short
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Frequency modulation
  • Adjustable pre-delay
  • Integrated equalizer for the effect signal
  • Graphical visualization of equalizer frequency response
  • Undo and redo parameter changes
  • A/B comparisons
  • Preset manager
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

Find out mor at Acon Digital home page: http://acondigital.com/products/multiply

Coming Soon: Satin Tape Machine by @uheplugins buzz buzz buzz

urs heckmann satin tape machineSatin Tape Machine

Satin is a tape simulation plug-in, plus tape delay and true flanging. Under-the-hood features include record / playback head calibration, tape coating selection, NR-encoding/decoding. Satin created an overwhelming buzz during the show, we can’t wait to get it out to you!

Satin is coming in May (we hope) for VST2, VST3, AU (AAX tba), price circa USD 129

check www.u-he.com

My #iPhone has a #firewall IP #jailbreak #ios6

… and the Startpage looks like this:


Das Schöne ist, mit der iphone Firewall können alle ausgehende Datenströme nicht nur kontrolliert werden, sie können auch blockiert werden… Nur durch den jailbreak kann eine Firewall installiert werden 😉

#download now Dr. Motte meets Gabriel le Mar incl. Nihil Young Remix on PRAXXIZ / PRZ008

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel le Mar – Puttin‘ On the Green Hat – PRAXXIZ – PRZ007

it’s out now on junodownload 

download now on itunes / amazon / zero inch / beatport /

„A track like the heat dancing on the horizon in the heart of Africa. „Puttin ‚OnThe Green Hat“ draws its energy from the deepest suspense of earthy bass drums, playing and twirling effortless tech-house rhythm. Hypnotic spoken-word from Mantombe Matotiyani (Amampondo) leads with a headstrong, bewildering vocal, like the singing of a shaman through a deep trance. Pure life energy conducted through every single tone and united like a magical formula of music and dance; the five elements together“ … read more on www.praxxiz.de

Do you know how to „strip down“ @_Superstrobe_ ?

Do you know how to strip down Superstrobe?

here is a video for you of how to do it:

das video steht auf facebook und dort ist auch der download link zu finden




PRAXXIZ bookingwww.praxxizbooking.com

REMIX Contest: Puttin‘ On The Green Hat

REMIX Contest: Puttin‘ On The Green Hat


YOU PASSIONATELY LOVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC? You produce electronic music? You’ve been waiting a long time for the chance to release your music on a record label? Then this could be the starting point of your career: Dr. Motte and Gabriel le Mar call out a remix contest!

„Puttin‘ On The Green Hat“ means creativity an diversity. It also means to open your mind, to explore new posibilities and to prove yourself. That’s why the artists dicided to start a remix contest to complete the release trilogy of POTGH with new sounds and new faces!

Now it’s up to you! Follow the footsteps of Thomas Lizzara, Ingo Boss and Nihil Young! Put on the green hat, knock yourself out and show us your creativity!


The best two tracks of the Remix Contest selected by Dr. Motte and Gabriel le Mar will be released on PRAXXIZ Records – DIGITAL & VINYL. Furthermore the winners will perform at one of the forthcoming PRAXXIZ LABEL NIGHTS together with Dr. Motte!


You have to be 18 years at least and have no exclusive contracts with other record labels. You also assign the copyright of your remix exclusively to PRAXXIZ Records. You’re not allowed to publish your remix (soundcloud, websites, e. g.) until the contest is finished and the winners are notified.

The sound files of Puttin‘ On The Green Hat are only to be used for the participation in the contest. The publication or unauthorized usage of the files (WWW, electronic or computer medium or others), whether free of charge, in exchange or for payment is not permitted and constitutes a criminal offense according to the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz – UrhG). With


Please send your remix as WAV (!) file to eldo [@] praxxiz [.] de.

Download the sound files >>> HERE <<<.

MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE @ 20.09.2012 !!!

out now: #firefox 4 #android #phone & android #tablets #freeware

today 15:00 it came in by email.

mozilla recently has released a new version of Firefox for Android phone users and it’s a version for android table user too…

get firefox on your tablet

mozilla firefox for android phone on google play
mozilla firefox for android phone on google play

the supported devices are:


minimum android 2.2 devices

get firefox for android free @ google play app store

sorry, but i am not a android user

#Freeware #Spectral #Eye #Secret #Base #Design #Audio #Analyze with #iPhone #iPad

Spectral Eye analyzes incoming audio signals to extract the underlying frequencies. Most sounds are built up from a variety of sine waves; a simple whistle might be a single wave, while a guitar, piano, or the human voice have many waves added together.

By using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), sound can be decomposed into each frequency. Normally, this information is displayed on a chart, and there are number of excellent apps that do exactly this. Spectral Eye rearranges the FFT into a spiral, so that frequencies that are an octave apart are lined up as rays from the center of the display. The strength of each frequency is represented by the size of a red circle.

Play music, and Spectral Eye will reveal the frequencies. For a guitar, it’s easy to see that in addition to the root frequency of a note, there are also a number of harmonic frequencies — and these change based on the strings used, the pickups, and the amplification system. It’s the frequencies present in the notes that make a Telecaster sound different from a Les Paul, and a piano different from a trumpet. Play an instrument, music from your iTunes library, or have it listen to whatever sounds are nearby — the display is fun to watch.

If you’re interested in understanding the nature of sound, use Spectral Eye to get a better view. The app was created as a utility used in the development in other Secret Base Design apps; we’re making it freely available, because we found it to be useful, and thought others might like it too.

The app will remain free, and will not have ads. If you find it useful, we would very much appreciate a review in the app store, and you can get in touch with us through our support site, our Facebook page, or Twitter.

Have fun with the app, and we hope you enjoy opening your Spectral Eye!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

links: download with iTunes Appstore Spectral Eye Support

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A Crash Course in Piracy

Eine Gruppe amerikanischer Designer hat sich mal das Gejammer der Musikindustrie über online Piraterie und das System Musikindustrie vorgenommen und grafisch umgesetzt…


Klick Image…
Sehen sagt oft mehr als lesen. Hier die englische Seite und der link zum einbauen der Grafik in deine Webseite :

GEMAlügen die Zweite: am Beispiel der @GEMA Sprechenrin Gaby Schilcher

gema lügen am beispiel gaby schilcher

text auf dem bild:

die gemalügen

„manche haben erfolg, andre nicht, so ist das im leben. … wir kriegen die titellisten von live-veranstaltungen, von radio- und fernsehstationen, von den bars und diskotheken, und wir schütten das aus für die musik, die gemeldet wurde. wenn jemand in diesem bereich erfolg hat und gut frequentiert ist, dann kann er davon leben. aber wenn niemand die songs spielen interpretieren oder aufführen will, dann nicht.“

(gema sprecherin gaby schilcher im interview mit www.giga.de)

„zu den insgesamt in deutschland erfasst ca. 5000 tanzflächen zählen überwiegend diskotheken, aber auch andere tanzbetriebe mit unterschiedlichen musikangeboten.

aus dieser menge werden ca. 120 tanzflächen durch eine sogenannte „geschichtete zufallsstichprobe“ statistisch so ermittelt (anmerkung: von der media control), daß durch einstündiges programm-monitoring pro woche und tanzfläche (immer zu zufällig ausgewählten tagen und stunden) das gesamte spektrum der in einem jahre wiedergegebenen musiktitel repräsentativ abgebildet werden.

für jede nach statistischem kriterien ausgewählten tanzfläche wird eine stunde pro betriebswoche mitgeschnitten, d.h. pro jahr maximal 52 stunden. hat man die gesamtspieldauer eines titels pro tanzfläche ermittelt, muß von den zufällig gezogenen tanzflächen einer schicht auf alle tanzflächen dieser schicht hochgerechnet werden.“

(gema webseite zum diskothekenmonitoring)

meine frage: warum wird nicht titelgenau und über die gesamte dauer des bertriebes ermittelt?

alle texte sind von dem bild oben von hand abgeschrieben worden!

Why not get started with 100% Freeware Blue Cat’s Plug-ins Pack II

kaum zu glauben, aber das ist wirklich ein schönes freeware plug-in päckchen von blue cat audio – 6 kostenlose audio plug-ins in einem zip. das ist doch mal sehr freundlich von blue cat audio 😉

blue cat's audio freeware plug-ins pack 2

blue cat audio schreibt:

All Blue Cat Audio freeware audio plug-ins gathered together in a single package: this bundle contains a wide range of premium modulation effects, a single and dual-channel equalizer, a unique midi-controllable gain suite, as well as a professional spectrum analyzer.

This is the ideal package to get started with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation. All plug-ins are entirely free.

All plug-ins are available for Mac and PC, in VST, RTAS, AAX, Audio Unit and DirectX plug-in formats, for both 32 and 64-bit architectures.

in dem freeware plug-in päcken enthalten ist der blue cat’s chorus, flanger, frequanalyst, gain suite, phaser and triple eq.

wie gesagt, es ist freeware und für folgende systeme / platformen gebaut:

Mac-AAX / Mac-AU / Mac-RTAS / Mac-VST / Win-AAX / Win-DX / Win-RTAS / Win-VST / Win x64-DX / Win x64-VST

die plug-ins gibt es bei www.bluecataudio.com

#dr_motte my favorite #daw audio #software #harrison #mixbus2 now on sale

harrisson mibus 2 image 1 harrison mixbus 2 image 2 harrison mixbus 2 image 3

Harrison Mixbus 2 is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with „True Analog Mixing„™: a combination of Harrison’s world-renowned sound and features in an affordable, knob-per-function interface.  Mixbus 2 provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio tracks to your computer, edit them, and mix them together.  You can  use Mixbus 2 to record your band, mix a record, make a podcast, or edit the audio for your video.

watch the introducing video for Mixbus 2

Mixbus Features:

  • Straightforward “knob per function” mixer layout based on Harrison’s renowned 32-series and MR-series music consoles.
  • DSP sounds based on Harrison’s world-renowned analog and digital mixing console experience.
  • Precision algorithms for EQ, Filter, Compression, Analog Tape Saturation, and Summing.
  • Unlimited stereo or mono input channels, each with unlimited plugins, sends, and hardware inserts. (limited only by CPU speed)
  • Phase, Input trim, High-pass Filter, Sweepable 3-band EQ, Compression, and 8 Mix Bus sends on every track.
  • 8 Stereo Mix Buses featuring Tone controls, Compression, Sidechaining, and Analog Tape Saturation.
  • Stereo Master Bus that features Tone controls, Analog Tape Saturation, K-meter, Stereo Correlation Meter, and Limiter.
  • Automatic plugin delay compensation to support effects such as parallel compression without time misalignment.
  • Comprehensive „at-a-glance“ metering with peak, peak hold, and compressor gain reduction visible on every track and bus.
  • Extensive DAW features via the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation, refined by Harrison engineers to be smooth and stable.
  • Industry standard plugin support:  Mixbus loads VST plugins on Windows, AudioUnit plugins on OSX, and LV2 plugins on Linux.
  • Industry standard audio I/O support:  Mixbus uses ASIO/Directsound on Windows, CoreAudio on OSX, and JACK on Linux.

all images and text owned by harrisonconsoles.com

sorry, dieses mal kein blindtext,

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#Freeware #OpenSource #Audacity 2.0 Released

The Audacity Team is elated to announce the release of Audacity 2.0 for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.
Audacity 2.0 replaces all previous versions. It is derived from version 1.3.14, but is no longer a Beta version, and has major improvements over 1.2.6.
See New Features and Release Notes for detailed information.

Audacity ist freie Software, entwickelt von einer Gruppe Interessierter und verbreitet unter der GNU General Public License (GPL).

Freie Software ist nicht nur kostenlos (wie „Freibier“). Sie ist frei im Sinne von Freiheit (etwa wie die „freie Rede“). Freie Software gibt Ihnen die Freiheit, sie zu nutzen, ihre Arbeitsweise zu studieren, sie zu verbessern und sie weiterzugeben. Wenn Sie mehr wissen wollen besuchen Sie die Free Software Foundation.

Programme wie Audacity sind Open-Source-Software, weil ihr („innerer“) Quellcode offensteht. Es gibt tausende weiterer, freier Open-Source-Programme, etwa der Firefox-Browser, das OpenOffice.org Office-Paket sowie die Linux-basierten Betriebssysteme wie Ubuntu.

Wir freuen uns über Zuwendungen, die die Audacity-Entwicklung unterstützen. Jeder und jede kann etwas zu Audacity beitragen, etwa in Form von (Beta-)Dokumentation, Übersetzung, User -Support oder durch testen unserer aktuellsten Programmcode-Versionen.

Kurzanleitung und erste schritte unter http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Main_Page/de


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