Peace bus from Jerusalem to the Gaza border – third ride, Friday August 1


Friday, August 1, 9am,  the Peace Bus will leave Jerusalem, carrying medicines and clothes,  as well as flowers, intended for the people of Gaza. Also postcards written by Israelis and addressed to Gazans, trying to bridge the terrible abyss.  En route the bus will go through Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheba and visit the Israeli  communities on the Gaza border.

Please come on board to make the message of the Peace Bus stronger and to meet people living on the border of the conflict region. Presenting a message of peace  in the conflict zone is of vital importance, as is maintaining touch between Israel’s center and perphery – to stay together.

Collection of medicines (everyone has some new, unused medicines he or she doesn’t need, which can be donated to hospitals in Gaza), money for medicines and clothes started already on Sunday. Contact and will make an afford to come and pick up your donation. All donations will be delivered to Gaza by our activists.

Write a postcard with a message of peace for Gaza or if you are far: send the message via email. We need them by the end of the next week. We will translate all messages in English and Hebrew into Arabic.

For Thursday, July 31, 6pm, Jerusalem, is planned DEMONSTRATION at Kikar Safra, (Jerusalem Municipality Square), and decoration of the Peace Bus with flowers. We are ready to come on the 3rd Journey and deliver medicines to the people in Gaza (we start collecting the medicine and the money to buy medicines in order to provided both direct and symbolic support from Israelis to the Gazans during the humanitarian catastrophe). Let’s take a one day break, collect energy and start Sunday with some ideas and actions. First things first – we need to contribute ourselves and find foundations supporting our project …

We just got back from the town of Sderot on the Gaza border, where on our 2nd bus journey we visited families who support peaceful solution of the conflict and were inspired by conversations. We’ve been also on aour condolences visit to a Bedouin camp next to Dimona, where a part of a rocket fired by Hamas (after the rocket was intercepted, but some shrapnel fell down) killed a Bedouin man and wounded his children. It was a good journey and more will follow. I apologize, folks, that the web-radio broadcasting came short this time, some technical stuff we’ll have to learn how to solve.

Our vision is to create the reality where Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace and dignity. We are not offering political solutions nor do all of us have a common political view. We do not have ready recipes. But what we a certain of is that we cannot continue hating, fighting, killing each other. In 66 years of war we could not achieve any permanent solution – we believe that it’s time to try a different path.

On the Peace Bus we promote principles of tolerance, understanding and non-violence. People of all religions, colors, nations, genders come together in the loving attitude to see what the media is trying to hide away from us – a true face of the so called „enemy“. In the eyes of an Israeli and Palestinian child you will discover innocence and remember yourself once being a child, free from prejudices and hate. In this moment we mourn for all those who perished during this unnecessary and tragic conflict: not just in the current one, but for all the innocents who lost their lives in the war of hatred.

We want to see the perspectives of both sides: suffering of Palestinians and Israelis alike. We are all human beings who happened to be raised as enemies. And this is a real tragedy. We can not live in peace as long as other side is suffering. Therefore, the PEACE IS OUR COMMON GOAL!


Amir Harash +972 54 – 768 99 39 ,
Dorian Levin +972 54 – 478 99 11;
Nomika Zion +972 54 – 768 91 81

I am listening to the new @PRAXXIZ release on @youtube #music


RELEASE: Dec 15th 2013

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Superstrobe – Paradox Video Online update


Is it possible to combine dark and lovely atmospheres The answer is: PARADOX! Once again Superstrobe joined extreme opposites. Let the groove be the proof and convince yourself – you’ll be amazed!

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OutNow On @PRAXXIZ Superstobe – Paradox EP #music #GEMAFREI

Superstobe – Paradox EP

Is it possible to combine dark and lovely atmospheres?
The answer is: PARADOX! Once again Superstrobe joined extreme opposites.

Let the groove be the proof and convince yourself – you’ll be amazed!

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#Klanghelm #Freeware #IVGI #Saturation #Distortion #music #audio #plugin

IVGI – saturation & distortion

Klanghelm IVGI saturation & distortion freewareIVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, that feels at home

on the master buss. It is equally capable of very dense and dirty
distortion effects to spice up single tracks. 

IVGI’s base sound is comparable to the DESK mode in the upcoming
big brother SDRR.

Just as SDRR, IVGI reacts dynamically to the input signal. Even the
modelled fluctuations react dynamically and also change depending
on the drive setting, so that it doesn’t get in the way of the
SOUND. Stereo tracks benefit from it’s modelled crosstalk behaviour.
Just as its big brother SDRR, IVGI features a “Controlled
Randomness”, which determines the internal drift and variance inside
the unit. It contributes to the livelyness and realness of IVGI’s
saturation character. All internal processes are modulated to some
extent to make this possible.

IVGI gives you a sensible amount of controls to manipulate the
character of the saturation itself. It offers a unique ASYM MIX knob
to alter the symmetry of the signal without affecting the harmonic
content much. Usually, asymmetry leads to an increase of even
order harmonics. But in IVGI’s case, dialing in the asymmetry makes
the negative part of the signal “cleaner”. This way you can preserve
the dynamic structrure of the source better and get a more
transparent result. Actually, you can think of ASYM MIX as a
transparency control.

IVGI also lets you alter the frequency dependency of the saturation
with the RESPONSE control.

IVGI is internally calibrated to 0VU = -18dBFS.

IVGI is free! So try it out for yourself.

I wish everyone a funtastic weekend with this live-set from dez 2012 @newbasement

Dr. Motte @ New Basement (25.12.2012)

so turn your speakers on loud now 😉

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#superstrobe – strip down incl. #da_fresh #remix – praxxiz now on too

#superstrobe – strip down incl. #da_fresh #remix – praxxiz now on too

superstrobe on vinyl with strip down in japan on are so proud. our new praxxiz live act superstrobe from berlin is out on vinyl with our 10th release in japan on and today with techno charts on no. 6. it looks like we have a great techno bomb on vinyl with superstrobe including the da fresh remix on praxxiz. the best is, superstrobe is gema free music (gema freie music) artist

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out now: #firefox 4 #android #phone & android #tablets #freeware

today 15:00 it came in by email.

mozilla recently has released a new version of Firefox for Android phone users and it’s a version for android table user too…

get firefox on your tablet

mozilla firefox for android phone on google play
mozilla firefox for android phone on google play

the supported devices are:


minimum android 2.2 devices

get firefox for android free @ google play app store

sorry, but i am not a android user

A Crash Course in Piracy

Eine Gruppe amerikanischer Designer hat sich mal das Gejammer der Musikindustrie über online Piraterie und das System Musikindustrie vorgenommen und grafisch umgesetzt…


Klick Image…
Sehen sagt oft mehr als lesen. Hier die englische Seite und der link zum einbauen der Grafik in deine Webseite :

#Beastieboys #Adam #Yauch passed away schreibt: 

adam yauch (mca), gründer der beastie boys und der milarepa foundation, welche die tibetan freedom concert produzierte und die film produktions und vertrieb firma oscilloscope laboratories leitete, ist im alter von 47 jahren, nach einem 3 jährigen kampf gegen krebs nun am 4. mai 2012 von uns gegangen.

weiterlesen auf

dear adam,

i sing the   


for you

adam yauch - beastie boys

and please try to remember what you discovered…


here’s a video by „the wall street journal“ about adam yauchs dead:

and the „artisan news“




Two amazing remixes from Secret Cinema and Tiger Stripes are featured on the second part of „SLS“ „Broken Floors“ remixes, Out soon. Vinyl Only on PRAXXIZ

The original track was already quite something in itself. Secret Cinema’s reinterpretation of SLS‚ „Broken Squares“ takes us well and truly down the funky techno road, deftly retaining the glitchy flavour of the original, whilst adding a touch of that old school feeling and successfully delivering a peaktime bomb thats equally at home in either a techno or a tech-house set ! Witness some serious progression, a wickedly wobbling bass and some deliciously broken beats, making this huge track fun and accessible for dancers and DJ’s alike…

Leave your expectations at the door. Mikael Nordgren, AKA Tiger Stripes, well known in techno’s ahead of the curve circles for his massive slamming tunes like ‚Eden‘ or for his tightly wrapped tech-house beats, surprises us, adeptly flirting with dub techno in his awesome reworking of SLS‚ „Four To The Floor„. This is a very heavy minimal track, reminiscent more than anything else, of „deep-down-into-dub“ artists like Quantec or Marco Furstenberg. The deeper of the four versions of „Four To The Floor“ as released on Ground Factory. It retains the musical atmosphere of the original material while turning it into one of those intense and evocative slow heavy techno moments, with a relaxed mood and a subtle progression.

Early support from Richie Hawtin, John Selway, Tom Hades, Clemens Neufeld, Dubfire, Stephane Signore , Axel Bartsch, Concrete DJz, Roland M. Dill, Ken Ishi, and many more…

Listen to the traxx @

Pre-Sale has started. Get your piece @

#TIP 19/03/2011 „Play Wutchya like“ at Eschschloraque mit Dr. Motte Ed200 & DJ Vela

This Saturday in EschschloraqueDr. Motte, Ed2000 & DJ Vela
from 22h

we will play all the tunes, that were rocking our world through the years
– so be ready for some freestyle dj sets with the very best form 25 years of dance culture! 🙂

Date: 19/03/2011
: 22:00
Eschschloraque, rümschrümp
Rosenthaler Str. 39 – 2. Hinterhof
10178 Berlin – Mitte
S-Bahn Hackescher Markt
U-Bahn 8 Weinmeisterstraße

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Freeware: Wavosaur Audio Recording MP3 Editor Software Windows


here is another freeware feature on dr. mottes blog 2.1 with multitasking

wavosaur is a free sound editor, audio editor, wav editor software for editting and recording sounds, wav, and mp3 files

wavosaur has all the features to edit audio (cut, copy, paste, etc.) produce music loops, analyze, record, batch convert

wavosaur supports vst plugins, asio driver, multichannel wav files, real time effect processing

the program has no installer and doesn’t write in the registry

use it as a free mp3 editor, for mastering, sound design

the wavosaur freeware audio editor works on windows 98, windows xp and windows vista

Go to the features page for an overview of the software