Angelika Paul: Bitte um Unterstützung gegen weiteres Zubetonieren unserer Stadt Berlin

Sehr geehrte Dame und sehr geehrter Herr,
Ihre Hilfe und Unterstützung wird dringend gebraucht!

Wir als Volk haben uns erfolgreich gegen die Bebauung des Tempelhofer Feldes gewehrt und damit eine Frischluftschneise für Berlin erhalten, die wir in Zeiten des Klimawandels und heißer werdender Sommer dringend benötigen.

Und nun soll wieder in Berlin ein großer Park entgegen den ursprünglichen Senatsplänen von einem Investor, Klaus Groth, bebaut werden, dem beste Beziehungen zu ranghohen Politikern nachgesagt werden, s. Video „Der Baulöwe, die Stadt und der Filz”:

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Dr. Motte in the Mix: Aloha from Goa from Lovenation Goa Feb 2015

during my stay in india feb 2015, i did a gig at lovenation at café la musica in goa. this is the recording of it. enjoy ;-)

Contact: booking@praxxiz,

welcome 2015 dr. motte mix

Dr. Motte • Welcome 2015 Mix

here is a new mix 4 you :-) welcome 2015 dr. motte mix weiterlesen

Dr. Motte Live – 30 Years of TechnoClub

how do you like my live vinyl dj set from 30 years of technoclub as it was played on sunshine live ???
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Merry Christmas Euphorhythm Free Download Chill Out Planet Earth remastered

Merry Christmas

download "chill out planet earth" remasered by euphorhythm
euphorhythm chill out planet earth remastered downloud on bandcamp

Merry Christmas Euphorhythm Free Download Chill Out Planet Earth remastered weiterlesen

Das Internet muss Frei sein

Das Internet ist in Gefahr. Das EU-Parlament hatte mit großer Mehrheit erst im April 2014 beschlossen, strenge Regeln zur Netzneutralität zu schaffen. Doch die Bundesregierung setzt sich aktuell im EU-Rat dafür ein, diese Entscheidung aufzuheben. Angela Merkel hat sich gerade bei Vodafone dafür ausgesprochen, das Zweiklassen-Netz zu schaffen. Das hätte zur Folge, dass besonders beliebte Dienste im Internet in Zukunft über kostenpflichtige Überholspuren nutzbar sind, während andere Dienste dadurch benachteiligt werden.

Jetzt Petition für #Netzneutralität zeichnen.


Herzallerliebste Holo Gemeinde,

nun ist tatsächlich 1 Jahr vergangen, als wir uns gemeinsam auf der MS Stubnitz von unserem „Holy Claus“ verabschiedeten.

Herzlichst laden wir euch erneut beim „HOLOVERSUM WUNDERt“ zum Reisebegleitungstanzschwungfest zu Ehren 16 Jahre Orangerie und Holo Claus ein.

Theater Orange , Marktstr. 24, 20357 Hamburg

Samstag, 13.12.2014, ab 20 Uhr

CLAUS COHNEN Einladung HOLOVERSUM WUNDERt Hamburg weiterlesen

acid for fluxfm podcast for clubsandwich on fluxfm

acid for fluxfm podcast for clubsandwich on broadcast on NOV 15th 2014

Acid for fluxfm by Dr. Motte on Mixcloud

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Dr. Motte New Mix on Mixcloud

Here is a new live recording from 25/10/2014 @ Bewegungstherapie / Club 27 in Tübingen. Do to technical probs. no bass was recorded. I did my best to get the bass back. Thank you for your understanding ;-) and never forget: we are the family of humans on planet earth please spread the love. thank you

Contact: / /

Dr. Motte at Bewegungstherapie Tübingen 10/2014 by Dr. Motte on Mixcloud

Peace bus from Jerusalem to the Gaza border – third ride, Friday August 1


Friday, August 1, 9am,  the Peace Bus will leave Jerusalem, carrying medicines and clothes,  as well as flowers, intended for the people of Gaza. Also postcards written by Israelis and addressed to Gazans, trying to bridge the terrible abyss.  En route the bus will go through Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheba and visit the Israeli  communities on the Gaza border.

Please come on board to make the message of the Peace Bus stronger and to meet people living on the border of the conflict region. Presenting a message of peace  in the conflict zone is of vital importance, as is maintaining touch between Israel’s center and perphery – to stay together.

Collection of medicines (everyone has some new, unused medicines he or she doesn’t need, which can be donated to hospitals in Gaza), money for medicines and clothes started already on Sunday. Contact and will make an afford to come and pick up your donation. All donations will be delivered to Gaza by our activists.

Write a postcard with a message of peace for Gaza or if you are far: send the message via email. We need them by the end of the next week. We will translate all messages in English and Hebrew into Arabic.

For Thursday, July 31, 6pm, Jerusalem, is planned DEMONSTRATION at Kikar Safra, (Jerusalem Municipality Square), and decoration of the Peace Bus with flowers. We are ready to come on the 3rd Journey and deliver medicines to the people in Gaza (we start collecting the medicine and the money to buy medicines in order to provided both direct and symbolic support from Israelis to the Gazans during the humanitarian catastrophe). Let’s take a one day break, collect energy and start Sunday with some ideas and actions. First things first – we need to contribute ourselves and find foundations supporting our project …

We just got back from the town of Sderot on the Gaza border, where on our 2nd bus journey we visited families who support peaceful solution of the conflict and were inspired by conversations. We’ve been also on aour condolences visit to a Bedouin camp next to Dimona, where a part of a rocket fired by Hamas (after the rocket was intercepted, but some shrapnel fell down) killed a Bedouin man and wounded his children. It was a good journey and more will follow. I apologize, folks, that the web-radio broadcasting came short this time, some technical stuff we’ll have to learn how to solve.

Our vision is to create the reality where Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace and dignity. We are not offering political solutions nor do all of us have a common political view. We do not have ready recipes. But what we a certain of is that we cannot continue hating, fighting, killing each other. In 66 years of war we could not achieve any permanent solution – we believe that it’s time to try a different path.

On the Peace Bus we promote principles of tolerance, understanding and non-violence. People of all religions, colors, nations, genders come together in the loving attitude to see what the media is trying to hide away from us – a true face of the so called “enemy”. In the eyes of an Israeli and Palestinian child you will discover innocence and remember yourself once being a child, free from prejudices and hate. In this moment we mourn for all those who perished during this unnecessary and tragic conflict: not just in the current one, but for all the innocents who lost their lives in the war of hatred.

We want to see the perspectives of both sides: suffering of Palestinians and Israelis alike. We are all human beings who happened to be raised as enemies. And this is a real tragedy. We can not live in peace as long as other side is suffering. Therefore, the PEACE IS OUR COMMON GOAL!


Amir Harash +972 54 – 768 99 39 ,
Dorian Levin +972 54 – 478 99 11;
Nomika Zion +972 54 – 768 91 81