für menschenrechte und frieden in linz

Danube Rave: ALLE Farben Für Menschenrechte & Frieden 25/9/15 Linz Tabakfabrik

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Musiker & Djs aller Genres aus O.Ö. aber auch int. Gäste rufen zum gemeinsamen friedlichen Widerstand gegen Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit und für Menschenrechte und Frieden auf. FREIER EINTRITT – FREIWILLIGE SPENDEN Reinerlös dieser Einnahmen für Menschen in Not Tabakfabrik REGGAE DANCEHALL HIP HOP LAIMA & DJ Dan (TEXTA) & DEF ILL | SOULDJA MC KINETICAL |HIGHLIGHT INT‘L | MAD HIAZ CARACHO | MAD KID | DADDY LION |KENSEE TECHNO – […]

C§S Cultural Commons Collecting Society

C3S Presse Stellenausschreibung: C3S SCE sucht geschäftsführenden Direktor

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Stellenausschreibung — C3S SCE sucht geschäftsführende(n) Direktor(in) URL: www.c3s.cc/wanted_geschaeftsfuehrende_r_direktor_in Die Arbeit an der Zulassung der C3S als Verwertungsgesellschaft geht weiter, und wir begeben uns auf die Suche nach einer oder einem ehrenamtlichen, geschäftsführenden Direktor(in). Anbei finden Sie die offizielle Stellenausschreibung. Cultural Commons Collecting Society SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (C3S SCE) Heyestr. 194 40625 Düsseldorf Eva Bolten: office @ c3s . cc www.c3s.cc Beschreibung der Tätigkeit: Als eine(r) von zwei geschäftsführenden […]

Thomas P Heckmann Drax Classix Volume One

OutNow: Drax Classix Volume One by Thomas P. Heckmann 2 Colored Vinyl

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Drax Classix Volume One The return of the highly influential and classic tracks by Thomas P. Heckmann’s infamous Drax project, that brought you such huge anthems like Amphetamine, Phosphene, Section 2 and Parnophelia, which are collected on this one 2-coloured Vinyl 12inch for the first time ! The two predecessors to Amphetamine were Section 2 on the first ever Techno 7inch in 1993, followed some time later by the Carl […]


BATSCHKAPP MUSIKFLOHMARKT 19.09.2015 Frankfurt am Main

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Liebe Freunde, wir (die Batschkapp) machen am Samstag, den 19.09.2015, wieder von 12 bis 18 Uhr unseren MUSIKFLOHMARKT auf dem Gelände der BATSCHKAPP Frankfurt (bzw. bei Regen in der Halle). Es kann alles angeboten werden, das in irgend einer Form mit MUSIK zu tun hat: Instrumente, Verstärker, Noten, Bücher, Schallplatten, CDs, Technik, Musiksoftware, Zubehör, Band-T-Shirts, Devotionalien, usw. Als Special wird eine FOODTRUCK ALLEE mit lecker Essen aufgestellt. Es würde uns […]

#OutNow: ELBODROP – FREE Incl. SKOBER & M.I.T.A. Remix

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Elbodrop is back to Metodiq with a huge EP. Building on an ever growing reputation for massive productions with collaborations and remixes for and by some of the world’s best known artists, their great passion and intuition for the driving sounds of Techno is taking Elbodrop further as they show that they have what it takes to make the dance floor go boom. In this pack we can enjoy 3 […]

#OutNow: Irregular Synth – Hurricane on !Organism @digitalorganism

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!Organism make a carefully selected foray into the vinyl market with their next EP, which comes both digitally as well as on wax, with different tracks making up each package. The revered Irregular Synth is the man behind the fresh originals and is an Italian producer with a worldwide fan base. He has released on this label before now to great acclaim, as well as on Loose Records and many more, and has a steely and singular style.


Outnow: Julian Jeweil – Meteorite EP Incl. Christian Smith & Justin James Remix – Form Music

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Form is proud to present “Meteorite Ep” the third EP from Julian Jeweil on Popof’s imprint including Christian Smith and Justin James remixes. Julian Jeweil, a French artist based in southern France and Berlin, is one of the most talked about underground Techno artists. He found his signature sound through his various productions and live sets, all  characterized by a melodic style of techno.

#OutNow: Highestpoint – Dark Desires EP – Phobiq

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Highestpoint return to phobiq and show their intentions right from the  beginning of this three-part EP. The title track’s discordant stabs and soaring electronics act as the boys‘ trademark sound while a haunting riff sets the mood and the bubbling bass provides the momentum. On „They Think They Know“, things take a cavernous turn and even more disharmonic synth action is introduced as the rocksteady rhythm section acts as a […]