Pre-sale Samuel L Session „Broken Floor Remixed“ incl. Perc and Pig & Dan Rmx Praxxiz PRZ004

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Samuel L Session - Broken Floor Remixed Part 1 incl. Perc & Pig and Dan Praxxiz / PRZ004

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Dr. Motte and Praxxiz is proud to present:
Samuel L Session „Broken Floor Remixed incl. Perc & Pig and Dan Remix – Praxxiz PRZ004

early listener feedback:
Robert Templa – Nice Minimal Tracks for my DJ Set, … thanx!
Wim Waumans – Pig & Dan version , full support Global
Phuture Traxx – I am always a fan of Perc and his dark techno bombs!
DJ Jarren – Outstanding work by Perc. Full support.
ALEX HAMMOND – That Perc mix is pure filth!
Jonty Skrufff – Love the Perc remix: dark and groovy and killer. Full Skrufff support on the way
Gabriel le Mar – superb release! i prefer the P&D remix and will play it out loud – full support!
Michel de Hey – yes! love the P+D one, they do the job again!
Dubfire – downloading for Dubfire, thanks!
Mauro Picotto – nice remixes very different, I will play it
Alex Flatner – Pig & Dan Remix is ace !! will def. play tonight … thx
Matt Fitzpatrick – Lovin Pig & Dan Remix
Namito – as always amazing pig and dan remix!!! support!
Whelan & Di Scala – Perc remix is ace
Rainer Selle – Geiler Track. Genau richtig für mein Set und die Prime Time. Beide Mixe sind geil und lassen sich in meinem Programm einbauen. Top Clubburner
Figueroa – Pig & Dan Remix is Amazing, Will definetely Play
Wasabi – thanks a lot for the promo! Great Single! Support from us!
Fra Soler – Awesome! will play it out!
Dany T – BOMB! The Pig & Dan Remix is Fantastic! Perc? CRAZY!!! Full support!
Alfred Azzetto – Nice One…got love to Pik & Dan Remix…support on it
Oliver Best – Hammer. Pig & Dan Rmx groovt ohne Ende!!!
lauhaus – dope remixes! will play for sure. thanx!
Dennis Paulisch – Nice EP! Looking forward to it!
Yutanie – Perc Remix is GREAT!
NIcole Moudaber – Quality. Full Support !
Abyss ( Giuseppe Morabito ) – both of vers. are massive!! i think to play soon Pig and Dan! surely in some of my sets! thanx
math – huge bomb…i love the pig & dan remix so much
Ataneus – Pig And Dan remix for me .. Very good one.. support the vinyl. thanks for the promo
alejandro vivanco – nice remix of pig & dan!
Abnormal Boyz – very nice EP. both tracks are good for dancefloor! thanx
Axel Bartsch – p&d remix rocks!
Miss Primavera – Like the Pig & Dan Rmx
Russell Deeks – Pig & Dan Remix is the one for me
David Waxman – always a fan of Samuel
Ivan Iacobucci – Pig & Dan remix!
Neo Young (Klopfgeist) – Love the Pig & Dan! Support!
karina qanir – definitely perc! already ordered the vinyl!
danny rose – good pik and dan remix – will support
paco osuna – nice rmxs will play
Maurice Oliver – Got to have it! The Pig & Dan remix is a booty shaker, my son Omar and his 12 year old friends were trampoline bounce to it!
Emerson – perc rmx all the way. great stuff!!!
J&S Project – Nice One Pik & Dan Remix
Lorenzo Al Dino – Pig & Dan give sthe right drives for this mix ! Full support
Roland M. Dill – Fat mixes, Perc is my favourite, bangs as hell!
Orange Muse – Love the Pig & Dan rmx! Will play and support, thanks for sharing!
Phil Moffa – Pig & Dan has massive bass. The track is both a bomb and a missile.
DJ Simi – Pig & Dan rocks!!!
Chris Finke – Perc’s remix is excellent
rebekah – Perc mix is BIG!!! Love this!
Sergio Matina – Fuc**** insane & deviate work, I like, play & support it!!!
manatane – Save The Vinyls! cool the perc remix
Brian Cody – Loving the Pig and Dan remix , full support
voodoopop – high pressure. on both. good stuff!
WUMM – Love the Pig And Dan remix. Will play !
jussi-pekka – the perc remix was nice! really dark warehouse shit for those late hours.
UGLH – Like both tracks ….Perc rmx is great….thanks.
Matt Handy – Pig & Dan mix is very nice , Will support thanks
DJ Ralf – Pig n Dan rmx for me. Will play.
me.ringo – the pig & dan remix is my favourite
Armando – prefer pig & dan. groovy & dreamy
Tim Baker – Both mixes are excellent! Full support
Mays – Perc nice and strong rmx! Support and play!
Hector Romero – Proper grooves going on here – both mixes do it for me – nice one!
V.Rotz – Loving both mixed..big support!!
Matt Fitzpatrick – Lovin Pig & Dan Remix
suz – never a dull moment with Samuel L Session – beautiful slappy beats, LOVE IT.
Rasmus Lützen – Pig & Dan rmx… like the bouncy
Pete Ward – Great track, will play & support Cheers PW
Steve D. Gree – I like Perc’s Remix!
George Mac – Both sides quality….will drop and stock in the shop for sure.
Putzi – sehr geile scheibe
Ludovic Rambaud (Only For DJ’s) – Will review in Only For DJ’s magazine, 4/5
Pablo Bolivar – P&D remix is huge, will test it out, thanks!
Marco Corona – I love Pig & Dan remix, very hot!
Lissat – Pig& Dan for me!
Ricardo da Costa – Wicked groove
benna – perc remix is amazing!
Da Clubbmaster (member of MEA) – Pig & Dan Remix for me
milly de mori – i like pig & dan remix! support, clubsets and radio show MILLYBAR on M2O italy
Rishi Bass – feeling this one! thanx
Frank Muller / Beroshima – nice one. will play both mixes. second one for sure. nice morbid touch. reminds me to some old space teddy tune..
Matthias Springer – Perc rocks, great remix!
Atman – Pic and Dan are working with less beats and dynamic parts, like rock´n roll electro. it souds like musik for aiports and lounge, but I dont wanna dance with. The perc is quite lovely dark and stylish and i feell like a robot in the mainhall of thyssen & krupp, 50 years ago… very good! I like!!!
Dj The Fox – This is Pure techo. Full support on the dancefloor and radio!
pierre deutschmann – niceeeee one!!!
DJ GrujA – Pig & Dan remix for me, support!
Tim Thaler – Danke fuer die Promo sagt BLN.FM! =-)
Stefano Amalfi – for me Pig & Dan!!! support!
Michael Paterson – Pig & Dan mix for me please send.
The Technarchist – perc remix is a monster, thanks!
Philipp – Full Support!
Vilas – 1st Track: great climax, fine perc 2nd Track: club rockin tool! would always prefer vinyl if available but wav is okay also
Bogdan Taran – Perc Remix sounds like perfect techno sound of these days, cool build-up and groove, can’t wait to play this out on next parties. Would love to have a vinyl copy of this as well!
Wim Waumans – Samuel L Session , Totally digg Broken Floor Remixes , full support on The Hottest Vinyl Global 4 sure , Pig & Dan Remix of Four To The Floor is smokin’ HOT !!!
Dj Jurgen – pig and dan mix for me, in my sets and in my radioshow
Concrete Djz – Perc remix right there for us : )
wehbba – both are cool, fav is pig&dan, would like that please
MEDA (Neverending – CrashTune / Paris) – Both remix are good! Pig&Dan is my fav, thank’s!
Greencross – I like the Pig & Dan Remix, the Perc remix is also interesting.
Dema – great release, pig e dan remix is perfect for me!
Richie Hawtin – Please send both in wav!
Raphael Dincsoy – Great Perc Remix. WIll play and support
Harry Avers – a Fine release . I have always been a Fan of Sam. LOve the Pig & Dan Remix
Dr. Motte – fantastic release. love both mixes. will play chart and support on!
Lenny Ibizarre – Love the Pig & Dan mix!
Manfred Vokuhila – I like the Perc Remix very much! Classic Techno!
Michael Glanville – love the pig and dan remix thanks !
Shahrokh Dini – love both tracks-nice release.thanx sh.
Alf The R – Pig & Dan in the lead …. good as always – thx
Gee Moore – Pig & Dan remix – This is right up my beach!!! Will support on tour and radio shows
andreas rau – guter alter samuel, war früher schon gut
Fresh Meat / Berlin Mitte Institut – both remixes are great, will play. vinyl pls ! thx
Paul Hazendonk – Been playing the Pig & Dan remix for some time already, great crowd mover!
John Curtis / QT RECORDS – 1A… Absolutely in my set, love both works!
Björn Efinger – I love the Pig & Dan Remix…will play it for sure. May be you will see it in my RA Charts for July!
Colin Bain – hello thanks for the promo. perc remix is quality stuff
JJ Mullo – Two remix are very good! But for my style Pig&Dan is my favorite.
Mijk van Dijk – Perc-Remix: Mann, ist der DICK, Mann! Prima Techno, haben wollen!
Max Cue (Aenaria/Aoa) – Pig & Dan for me, amazing remix!
Milkwish – pig&dan version is great
hugo – good stuff….Pig&Dan is my fav.
Carsten Rausch – the pig & dan remix is the one for me!!! really nice work… love it
Al Bradley / Chemical Warfare – Wicked stuff on both counts! Pig & Dan’s version smooths the beats & has their signature tech shine, wicked vibes. The Original is also a killer, tough thudding beats & raw techno for the floors. Top work!
Gordon Hollenga – Pig&Dan Remix is awesome dancefloor destroying shit
Alland Byallo – Cool big room techno. Feelin’ both mixes, but I think the Perc mix has got the twisted darkness I dig when playing techno proper.
Thanatos – Perc Rmx for me… it’s a bomb!!! play for sure…!!!
Isaak Escamilla – Original for me!
Giancarlo Lanza – pig & dan is perfect for my set, like it ! respect.
Acid Kit (Mexico) – Pig & Dan remix is massive, will pllay all this month. Perc is crazy for peak time. Full support from Mexico.
Axel Karakasis – both mixes are great!!!
franklin de costa – perc remix for me. good raw energy.
Sourge – Pig & Dan remix for me!
Norman – Perc is dope. Very good! Will play it.
Alexi Delano – I like both actually…
S-Tek – YEAH! Perc Remix rocks like hell! Full Support from me.
Proteus – I love the second mix Perc Remix!! Nice and dark!!
Nico De Ceglia – Bravo Perc!
Jack – Pig & Dan for me, really great! Supported.
Joachim Spieth – Perc remix for me!
Biscuit Reality – great remixes! my fav is the dirty Perc one!
DJ VELA – cooooool! love the perc

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