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AYCB is proud to welcome DJ T-1000.

the detroiter „wahlberliner“ alan oldham is not just dj and producer, also a great illustrator, he made many of the legendary djax up beats artwork and just had exibitions in paris, amsterdam, detroit and berlin.
musicaly ‚distorter‘ is how the name said. distorted! a very forward bassline, straight kick with a dirty vocal supported from a tight hihat. banger!
ray kajioka just released his new album on the famous berlin label kanzleramt last month. great album, great feedbacks – congrats! beetween all the interviews, he still had time to finnish a fantastic remix, more deep techno but still a bit jack.
and housemeister? his version is more distorted. check also his latest ep released in december.

amazing artwork by beeple

release date: january 9th 2017

AYCB on Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/aycb_berlin

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