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OutNow: MOHN – The Night on Soulful Techno

When I think of wintertime I remember simplicity, silence, clarity, plans and fresh starts. I always used to love and welcome the cold, the snow, and strength of the northern winds. They all bring something new, they all welcome change and beauty. Just like those frozen flower buds in the fields.

Winter is also time for home and warmth and late-night laughs on the couch with friends, a cup of tea and a new Soulful Techno release playing in the background!

Our Soulful Techno family keeps expanding and the new member on board is MOHN. Young and truly inspiring Dutch producer shares with us three beautiful, emotive musical stories, that really bring you warmth, get you in a playful mood and leave with such a good feeling afterwards that you simply want to play them again.

The Night is more driven, groovy and comes in two versions, one of them is a bit deeper and dreamy while Dinky drives me back to childhood, to wintertime – with those twinkling leads.

Three gems that really nicely wrapped the end of this year for Soulful Techno.

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