New Video: @Dr_Motte @ Ruhr In Love 2012

Dr. Motte @ Ruhr In Love 2012 – Das zehnte Fest

_Floor No. 35
Ultra Violet, Lärmkind & Plattendeep Rec.

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Artist: Superstrobe //
Title: ‚Strip Down‘ // dA frESh Remix
Remixer: dA frESh //
Label: PRAXXIZ //
Release: Vinyl – August 2012 //Exclusively @
Digital – September 2012 //All well known platforms!

_Camera & Editing

All by: Ellen Dosch //The ‚One-Woman-Office-Task-Force“ of PRAXXIZ 🙂
E-Mail: eldo[@] // phone: +49. 30. 69 81 51 92

_Booking Contact (worldwide)

Agency: PRAXXIZ BOOKING // we passionately love electronic music
Booker: Ellen Dosch // facebook: Elle N. Dosh Dr_german clubs, Motte-Booking
E-Mail: booking[@] //phone: +49. 30. 69 81 51 92
Website: //

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So please help us to stop the GEMA Tariff Reform 2013!

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