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OutNow: Dangeli – Anemone EP incl. M.I.T.A., M.I.D.I. Remixes @eclipserecors_

OutNow: Johannes Heil – Gospel LP on @FODDEVENOfficial

I have the DJ Set 4Rooms Leipzig Online on @hearthis

OutNow: Red Rooms – Ghost EP on New Port Records

OutNow: The Irresistible Force – Kira Kira on L.S.D @bandcamp @nubient

dr. motte open mind radio show feat splapback 1 on telrae mix by salz

OutNow: DJ Wank on Acidworx with Nordic Compounds EP #Acid

OutNow: David Meiser – Dark Legacy – Dark Vortex

#Outnow: Slapback 1 – Mixed By Salz – DJ Telrae M006 –

OutNow: shit Jappens – Telecom EP on Police Records

Dr. Mottes Open Mind Radioshow July 2017

OutNow: P-Ben – Another Stage on GND Records


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