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Dr. Motte: We Need Your Help!

Hi everybody!

The time has come: we need YOUR HELP now to convince UNESCO to protect our techno culture!

Sign the list of supporters to support our application. As an individual or with your organization, you can contribute to the inclusion of techno culture in Berlin in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

If we can prove a big number of supporters, this will increase the chances for the success of the application!

Intangible Cultural Heritage - vote and shareLink: www.ravetheplanet.com

Easy: share, share, share! ❤

Tell your friends about the campaign or send a newsletter to your network, post something about it on the social media, text it to your address book… Or if you like, record a video telling us why you support the campaign and we’ll share it!

This campaign thrives on the “WE” and on activating the big techno family. Together we can make a really precious, positive impact to the protection of techno culture. Get involved!

We are looking forward to your support! Thank you very much! ?

Sunny greetings from Berlin,
your Rave The Planet Crew

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