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Dr. Motte’s Music 20191027

Happy Sunday to everyone reading this 🙂 

Here’s the new episode of Dr. Motte’s Music for you from Oct 27 2019

This Mix is also on Soundcloud & Mixcloud 

Please let Dr. Motte know what you think about this episode or feel free to contact Dr. Motte here: www.drmotte.de/blog/contact 

Here’s Dr. Motte’s Music 20191027 playlist: 

  1. 33 ⅓ QueenSearching Phutek Re-edit 
  2. I AM BAMUntilLucidflow 
  3. MarcusOssessionePersistence
  4. InviteTivoliPersistence
  5. Manuel Di MartinoSmall HeathPersistence
  6. [ Wex 10 ]Back to my rootsMindshake
  7. MarrieRedemptionFrequenza
  8. Hu.ReHuman CapitalGenera41
  9. Juan Ddd, Grasso & MaximRestlessNight Light Records
  10. Irregular SynthRight Choice Dirty Minds
  11. Erich Von K. – Darker WebLayer909 
  12. Axis Of TimeConcrete DreamRenesanz 
  13. A*S*Y*SBassfaceSuara
  14. PhutekRavageInDeep’n’Dance
  15. Pablo CaballeroFronzen WildsEvolvement

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