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Drumcomplex, Dr. Motte – Wedance EP [Say What?]

For our next release on Say What? we welcome German techno giants Drumcomplex and Dr. Motte with their stellar collaboration called ‘Wedance’ including a huge remix by label boss – Ramon Tapia

We start with the title track – Wedance, an uplifting piece of dancefloor madness that keeps grinding throughout the track with an immense arpeggiated synth line and dark raw beat. The duo proves here that this is a team made in heaven

Next up is the track called ‘Day‘ which is more on the trippy side, but grabs your attention straight away and pushing you into the rabbit hole. The Amen break like drums in the back give it that old-school vibe that will appeal to many and the raw drums accompany it like sugar on a cake

Listen & Download on Beatport – www.beatport.com

Night‘ is the third track on the release and keeps the same vibe as in the previous tracks, but on a darker note. A big raving saw synth and Detroit style drums are the main ingredients here while keeping it light and straightforward for the dancefloor

To finish up the release Ramon Tapia drops his flavor on the title track ‘Wedance‘. He keeps some original elements but tweaks them, making it into a rave monster that will burn speakers and floors all over the place


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