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just found an Invitation text from the loveparade 1998 poster

text dr. motte lp 1998 for love parade 1998 „one world one future“

„an echo resounds in the forest according to your call“ german proverb

every year people from different cities and countries gather to dance peacefully together. our language is the music through which we which we express our joy. music knows no boundaries and builds bridges between all cultures and people. what wish is for is peace on earth. for everyone. this determines our behavior. we are aware what effect our actions will have on the future. if we desire a happy and peaceful future, we have to prepare it today. that means that we sow the seeds in the earth today in order to harvest the fruits of tomorrow. we know that when we sow hate we shall harvest hate and when we circulate love in the world, then we shall also receive it. it depends on our motivation. everyone can contribute in the own field in order to reach their goal.all it takes is a single person with a small idea. – a bit of concentration and it can grow into something like the love parade. everyone has its own potential. if we share our idea and let others participate in it, then it will become a joint vision, an inspiration to others. anything is possible for those who follow their inner voice without distraction. and for those who are really convinced of what they are doing. we are all in the position to do this. there is no real difference between people, no matter what skin color or origin. everyone has the same potential inside themselves. if people come to their senses then it will be possible for ideas to be realized. living together on one earth means we have shared future. this means we should apply our thinking to whether we shall handing over the planet to its inheritors, our children, as paradise or nightmare. if we out our thoughts, feelings and words into action with love, to help create a life-affirming and responsible society which aims at respecting the rights of the individual and the uniqueness of every single being.

– let us all think about how our shared future could be shaped and what everyone can contribute to the creation of tomorrow.
– we heartily invite everyone to attend the love parade in berlin, strasse des 17. juni on saturday the 11 july at 2pm

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