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#OutNow Cari Lekebusch – Knowledge – H-Productions

H-Productions proudly presents “Knowledge” by Cari Lekebusch. This is the eigth release in the Full Color Spectrum serie, that is aiming to result in 10 different colored vinyl 12“

Both tracks are maintaining a stripped down policy, solid sound pictures and simple arrangements – with no unnecessary elements or rhytmic changes. Thus giving the DJ more freedom to play around during the blending. All the sound generations and processing have been done in an analog enviroment, utilizing many of Caris old techniques from around 1993-1997.

A – Knowledge (Una)
B – Knowledge (Anu)

Catalog #: HYB034
Label: H-Productions
Format: 12“ pink with black splatter

Vinyl Release date: May 30th 2017 on www.decks.de

H-Productions on Bandcamp

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