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#OutNow D_Know – Initials EP – Knowledge Recordings @dknowofficial

For this first EP release on his own imprint Knowledge Recordings, D_Know puts together two tracks that highlight his current stylistic interests in techno along with a remix from GND label-mate from South Korea, Messiahwaits.

‘Initials I’ opens the EP with a rumbling but grooving low-end with a hypnotic synth-line that filters in and out throughout the track. Perfect for any dark room, the thump of the kick and bass combined with the repetitive, extra- terrestrial soundscapes make the track perfect for any after-hours environment. For ‘Initials II’, D_Know takes a slightly different approach and focuses less on a heaving low-end in favour of solid groove and funky arpeggiated synth work. But much like the opening track, he allows the arrangement to ebb and flow in a spontaneous but calculated manner. Finally, GND mainstay Messiahwaits puts his spin on ‘Initials II’. Flipping the original on its head, he uses key elements of D_Know’s mix whilst adding thick layers of his own sound palette. Expect heavy, saturated low end with vicious chord stabs and distorted percussion!

D_Know – Initials I (Original Mix)
D_Know – Initials II (Original Mix)
D_Know – Initials II (Messiahwaits Remix)

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