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OutNow: David Meiser – Dark Legacy – Dark Vortex

After 5 years of releasing on some techno’s most important labels such as Synewave, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Kobayashi and AFU Limited, David Meiser now releases his first album…

Dark Legacy composed of 11 tracks that hold a perfect balance between hypnotic patterns, robust rhythmic structures and darkness. The work has been released as the first reference on Meiser’s own imprint – Dark Vortex. The album has been released as a special edition double vinyl with accompanying silver ink folder and printed inner sleeves also available as a collector’s edition USB Box with the logo engraved in laser.

01. David Meiser – The Agoge (Intro)
02. David Meiser – My Game
03. David Meiser – Dasein
04. David Meiser – Vortex
05. David Meiser – Quorum Sensing
06. David Meiser – Skin Response
07. David Meiser – Insolent Radiance
08. David Meiser – Fractals
09. David Meiser – The Shaman
10. David Meiser – String Theory
11. David Meiser – Farewell

Label: Dark Vortex
Cat Num: DV-001
Artist: David Meiser
Rel. Name: Dark Legacy
Rel. Date: 18/9/2017
Format: Vinyl / Digital / USB Box (Collector’s Edition)

Links: https://soundcloud.com/davidmeiser/tracks

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