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OutNow: Drumcomplex “The Story Of Now” LP on Complexed Records

Daring techno figure Drumcomplex has been keeping busy, despite the current universal club hiatus. Cooped up in the studio, where no one but his close collaborators could enter, he has concocted his 3th album, consisting of eleven original tracks. It’s a release that shows off his well-rounded, calculated style, bearing the typical Drumcomplex imprint, while incorporating more recent influences.

Long time friend and melodic techno aficionado Frank Sonic makes two appearances, first one on the intro track, a more melancholic starter to an otherwise upbeat slew of tracks. Later on, as we’re taken through intricate yet straightforward cuts like ‘Universe’ & ‚The Heat’, he makes his mark on Deeply Anchored, an ethereal vocal-centered dreamy pad-heavy journey. We also encounter a collaboration with Ben Champell, a more heavy-hitting, ready for the floor cut.

At over seven minutes, title track ‘The Story Of Now‘ is the LP’s epic centrepiece, with subtle hints of breaks and an array of contagious percussion and metallic synths. While all tracks can be defined as techno, the producer’s sound design chops are evident, considering the variety of soundscapes we’re taken through track by track. A great example is ‘Running Funky‘, who, albeit using an eponymous vocal loop, demonstrates Drumcomplex’ ability to also get very, very groovy. The LP is rounded off however in true Complexed style with club-primed weapons such as ‘Cook‘ or ‘Surrender‘ with Uncertain from Vienna, that spell late night havoc.

All in all, an enjoyable release both for at-home listening as well as in-club use, reaching far and wide into the realm of techno with rowdy rave capabilities and intricate melodies.

Release Date : November 13th, 2020








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