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OutNow: Johannes Heil – Gospel LP on @FODDEVENOfficial

Founded in 2014 by Andre Kronert, Odd Even records, strong of twelve EPs with some of today’s most talked about artists, is about to release its first full-length album by one of the true pioneers of the German techno scene, Johannes Heil.

‘Gospel’, Johannes’ 11th studio album will be released on October 3rd as 4×12″ gatefold vinyl and will come with 2xCD version inside.

Salvation is found by identifying thesis and antithesis of a logically conceived duality as a receptive polarity which is then synthesised and expressed on a higher level. Thereby practising what is preached is the all-embracing love in the presence of the creator. The purest original state pre-dating the judgemental so called ‘fall of man’ in unity with life itself is the principle of holiness and the root of inner peace. Glory to G-d! – Johannes

Tracks: A1 – Gospel One A2 – Gospel Two B1 – Gospel Three B2 – Gospel Four C1 – Gospel Five C2 – Gospel Six D1 – Gospel Seven D2 – Gospel Eight E1 – Gospel Nine E2 – Gospel Ten F1 – Gospel Eleven (with Markus Suckut) F2 – Gospel Twelve (with Markus Suckut) G1 – Gospel Thirteen H1 – Gospel Fourteen H2 – Gospel Fifteen —- Catalog #: ODDEVENLP001 Label: Odd Even Format: 4×12“ with 2CDs // Digital Artwork: Markus Suckut Cover paint: Rebecca Reja

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