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LSD is an ongoing musical collaboration between longtime electronic music innovators Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and David Sumner (Function) focusing on psychedelic aspects of techno while emphasizing the cross-pollination of each member’s style and rhythmic sensibility.


“Process 1” slams in hard without a come-up, immediately introducing overdriven and multilayered kicks and hats, while a squelching synth-line writhes between distant sirens before the rhythm is stripped down piece-by-piece.

“Process 2” picks up at a similar pace within a tunnel of high-pitched drones and warning signals panning across the stereo image. Syncopated hats and filters open and close before eventually reaching full dilation. On “Process 3”, a more spacious sonic landscape is soon filled with the bleeping sounds of emergency before veering off into more subdued territory. There, dueling synth arpeggios eventually pick the pace back up before a long, slow fade initiates a comedown.

As a whole, Process accentuates hallucinatory and shapeshifting sonic elements without focusing on the broader notion of the trip. Instead, Luke, Steve and Dave offer their take on the strobing intensity of the peak psychedelic experience – one interspersed with moments of hypnotic and atonal melody, as forward-moving as it is entrancing.


released November 17, 2017

all tracks written and produced by Luke Slater | Steve Bicknell | David Sumner

artwork by assume vivid astro focus

more info and soundclips: ostgut.de/label/record/206

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