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Michael Klein makes a big impact once again on Cocoon recordings as this runaway train of an EP careers towards a sound system near you. But there’s more to these lessons in slamming techno than first meets the eye.

The entire release is awesome in both scope and execution, with a level of sonic precision and controlled aggression that will dominate any dancefloor. 

The riotous first cut Medusa jumps straight in with a cascading rush of energy. Searing synths, percolating acid and pounding beats jostle for position like the writhing knot of snakes referenced in the title. My Castle employs a glitchy, filtered intro that makes for a perfect mixing tool. The air is suddenly sucked out as thumping, subsonic 909s and scratchy textures melt the synapses, bringing on a rush of enormous proportions. Klein explores every variant to its logical conclusion, making sure there’s no doubt about who’s king of this castle. 

Their Kingdom is an exercise in stuttering, looping techno for the purists. Clean and heavy definitely wins the race here as we’re enveloped in a cavernous breakdown and darkness falls. 

Noises rounds things off in a melee of squawking mechanical bleeps and lethal, metallic percussion. A distant melody dares to enter the fray and like the legions of dancers transfixed by Klein‘s vision, it must surrender to the intensity or be swept aside. 

1. Medusa
2. My Castle
3. Their Kingdom
4. Noises

Release Date: July 17th, 2020
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Catalog No: CORDIG038

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