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OUTNOW: Patrick Zigon – Between The Line LP – Traumraum

Traumraum welcomes Patrick Zigon, for his first solo release on the label. After 13 releases, it’s high time for a strong sign of life from the label boss, so the Berlin-based artist decided to present the third studio album ”Between The Line” on his own imprint.

”Life writes its very own stories – to understand these mysteries you have to read between the lines.”

Patrick Zigon‘s new longplayer has biographical features, each composition a deep meaning and an expressive track name, inspired by the most significant events of the past 2 years in Zigon’s multifaceted life – which he spent mostly in his favorite cities and fixed points Berlin, Barcelona and Lake Constance in southern Germany.

No wonder the 12 tracks are fully-packed with strong emotions, most noticeable Zigon’s favorite mood, the melancholy that has always accompanied him and his musical creations. It’s certainly Patrick Zigon‘s most versatile album to date, stylistically based on the electronic genres Techno, House and Broken Beats, yet surprising with Experimental, Jazz and Latin influences. Despite its diversity, Zigon remains true to his lineage – all tacks are based on dreamy and dub-loaden sequences, with a slightly Detroit-Touch – which has always been Patrick Zigon’s biggest passion and most obvious trademark. ”Between The Lines” is about the roller coaster called life, the ups and downs, and how to make sure these predefined events are interpreted correctly. ‘Cause the obvious hides the meaningful – the truth can only be found between kicks, claps and shimmering rides.

”Between The Lines” will be released in July 2019, complete with mastering by Werner Niedermeier and a beautiful cover design by MAZi. For more information: www.traumraum.org


Artist: Patrick Zigon Title: Between The Lines LP Label: Traumraum Cat.Nr.: TR014 Format: Digital Release: July 2019

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Early feedback:

Laurent Garnier: Ohh yessss – Brilliant work –That’s what I call a proper album…. Will definitely play in my sets as well as on the radio …. EXCELLENT ALBUM Thanks a lot for sending this little beauty to me… Loove it
Eduardo De La Calle: interesting work from Patrick , congrats !!many stiles many angles many stuff here … love the techno and housy touches on it ,,, Nada Que Decir my fav on the batch
Remute: Mr Zigon delivers a level of deepness that isn’t common anymore. This album makes you dive into an universe of surprising soundscapes and adventures. It’s an essential listening! AWESOME WORK!!!
Mano le Tough: Ace stuff, thanks!
Valentino Kanzyani: Very nice Patrick! A proper album! Love it. Bravo naši..:)
Mathias Schaffhäuser: Great and diversified album with many facets. I really like the electro-related tracks, especially “Metropoliz”, but the wild breakbeat orgy ‘Stadt Ohne Seele’ is my favourite!
Hernan Cattaneo: really good album congratulations!!
Sasha Carassi: Thanks God there’s still “MUSIC” around. Great job.
Mihai Popoviciu: thanks for sharing this! very good work with this mature, complex and well balanced album! Iron Curtis: congrats on the album, Patrick! Well done. Cheers, Johannes
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
John Digweed: downloading
Jimmy Van M: Fantastic LP. Great variety of sounds and moods here. Will support. Thx!! Anthony Pappa: Very cool album Thankyou Nicole Moudaber: JADORE ! excellent album Patrick, on repeat
Marco Carola: downloading for Marco Carola
Marco Bailey: many thanks!
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks 😉
Chris Fortier: super
Pawas: Massive Album by patrick.. opening track got me. great work.. bravo !!!
Moog Conspiracy: love it, thanks for the promo & congrats to patrick for the album
Dachshund: Excellent Album, impressive work from Patrick Zigon, effective and tasty!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Angel Molina: ‘Stadt Ohne Seele’ is my track on here, surprisingly experimental stuff, very welcomed. Thanks. Namito: Very nice album with a great vibe all the way through. My fave is Belleza. All the best!
Noah Pred: Congrats on this killer full-length! Quality jams throughout.
Mark August: nice vibez. nada is my fav
Khainz: Great/interesting album, some very well produced tunes here (as expected by Mr. Zigon)! Thank you for the music! Full support! Franco Cinelli: Very interesting album! my favs are: ForGive, Metropoliz and Cold hands warm heart, Thanks a lot <3
Makossa (FM4): nice, deep & diversified album
Joal: Brilliant album Patrick! Super solid and contagious, easily one of the best I heard this year. Metropolis and She’s Alive are my favorite, congratulations! David Durango: Sublimissime ! Very Nice work
Zoe Xenia: Nice work on Nada Que Decir, Belleza Tropical feat. Paulo Olarte, and Metropolis! Thnx for sending 🙂
Olderic: I like patrick’s music… thanks! Farfan: nice, downloading
Danilo Schneider: Thank you for this great Album. Will check all tunes. For sure. Thumbs up!
Shyam: Nice work Patrick, my favourite tune is “Nada Que Decir”
Mijk Van Dijk: Tolles Album. Need!
Werner Niedermeier: top notch quality!
Roi Okev: Great release!!! Thanks 🙂
Tolis Q: Its always exciting to hear a new album from Patrick Zigon, high quality music, diverse tracks and a full listening experience from start to finish. what else can you ask? love the artwork too!
Michel De Hey: thanks for this, some great tunes !
Jon Lemmon: Once again another stellar project on the label. Great that it’s an LP as well, I’ll have plenty of stuff to play! Great work.
Gale Talk: Amazing job done here!
Patryk Molinari: Nad Que Decir is the one for me! Cold Hands Warm Heart is really nice as well 🙂
Guido Nemola: Cold Hands Warm Heart is my fav here, cool album
Frankov: really like the release, will be playing it on my sets!
Pablo Sanchez: Really cool proper melodic deepness! great work!!
Simon Beeston: Always a great mix of dancefloor stompers, lovely abstract electronica and pure techno. Bravo. Another top quality album. Helmut Dubnitzky: Ich muss erst mal in ruhe reinhören Feedback kommt. Bin sehr gespannt auf dein neues Werk 🙂
Javier Ferreira: Great LP. Very complete and variated. “She’s Alive”, “Metropoliz” and “Nada Que Decir” are my prefered. I will use them for sure! Roberto Ingram: Hello Patrick, this please is fruitful, not all are my thing but respect for the quality productions, which clearly done well. My favourites are Stadt Ohne Seele, Belleza Tropical, Some parts of Black Hole Down. Big ups for a job well done!
Rummy Sharma: Great Album. impressed with variation. Nad Que Decir, The French Paradox, Belleza Tropical are my favourite. all the best and full support from my side.
Manuel Moreno: Sehr Fettes Album! Love Manu
Blanali: Loving all the diferent soundscapes on it! 

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