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OutNow: Saafi Brothers – Mystic Cigarettes Special Mixes of Classic Flavours 20 track digital bundle

Saafi Brothers are delighted to present a remix album of their debut release ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label. The project presents remixes by Youth, Gabriel Le Mar, Ajja, Bluetech, Braincell, The Delta, Jam El Mar, Living Light, The Irresistible Force, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Backstage Gurus and many more. The timeless beats of the original tracks are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their lush soundscapes, but with a fresh twist.

Saafi Brothers’ mystical journey began in 1996 when, inspired by his travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar started a collaboration with Frankfurt-based producers Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan. Simon Ghahary signed them to BlueRoom and their debut album ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ quickly made its way into the hearts of music lovers, placing Saafi Brothers among the key artists of the electronic ambient scene.


released May 31, 2019

All tracks written by Gabriel Le Mar, Michael Kohlbecker and Alex Azary with exception to ‘2046’ by Gabriel Le Mar & Michael Kohlbecker.
Published by ICM/Hanseatic, Allstar SMP II.
Mastered by Gaetano @ Perla Audio Mastering
Design and artwork by si-gh.com
℗+© Liquid Sound Design 2019

Special thanks to Youth, Robin Triskele, Simon Ghahary, Robert Truntz, Brahma, Carsten Stäcker, all the fine artists who created the fabulous remixes, our familes, friends & fans who have supported usall these years, One Love!

10 tracks available on physical CD Saafi Brothers – Mystic Cigarettes (Special Mixes of Classic Flavours) @ bandcamp -> https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/saafi-brothers-mystic-cigarettes-special-mixes-of-classic-flavours

20 tracks digital bundle at bandcamp, itunes, Beatport, junodownload ->

German Interview with Gabriel Le Mar at Podcast Electronic Germany -> https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/electronic-germany-folge-12-gabriel-le-mar

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