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OutNow: shit Jappens – Telecom EP on Police Records

They describe themselves as «two guys making techno waffles.» but they are a lot more, for years those 2 spanish producers really bring truth in their music, no trendy fucking techno, no electro, they produce their own style, got their own universe & this is so rare !

At the first listening of the original tracks from this ep, one sentence was written on the reply mail : « Y.E.S, in the box » !
** TELECOM is sweet, electronic, start mid tempo, but ready to burn any dancefloor if you give the track a chance !
** ROTHERY CLUB break the beat, bring the noise but keep on being a bitchy techno track !
** LURKING is just energy, bassdrums & a technoïde gimmick that drive anybody crazy.

ON TOP, we brings you three completly different reworks with their own style, starting with MODEK (Lectroluv Records) that bounce the beats, bring wrestling & make the job, COMMUTER fly us to detroit & early electronic pioneer music, RULE OF EIGHT makes us a bit stressy & high with horns, hypnotic noise, we’re done..

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