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OutNow: Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio Feat. Kiki Cave “Here Comes The Rain” including Torsten Fassbender Remix on Platipus Records

After a torrent of electrifying initial releases on Bedrock, Circus and Platipus, Luke and Simon, having been voted one of the world’s best Progressive House Producers via Change Underground, confidently unleash their seventh collaboration.

Proceedings are centred around a burbling mindgasm of arpeggios, corkscrewing spiralling voltage-controlled oscillations and cavernous resonating atmospherics, laced with Kiki Cave’s uniquely luscious laid-back overtones.

Act 2 embraces German engineering at its finest again, with Torsten Fassbender back behind the controls, manipulating gender-warped vocals, with a sumptuous production that deftly straddles the treacherous balance between melodic heart-felt emotiveness and techno infused debauchery, delivering an intricate and beautiful slab of timeless galactic orchestration. 

release date: December 2nd, 2019
label: Platipus Records
catalog no: PLATMU106


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