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#Outnow: Slapback 1 – Mixed By Salz – DJ Telrae M006 –

The new Telrae compilation is titled “Slapback 1” and features for the first time artists that have not already released with us in the past but appear here for the first time.

The trax were selected by the Salz duo and the release also features their mix.

“Slapback 1” kicks off with “Sobre” by Rick Fox a track that has a tamed and gloomy atmosphere installed whereas the second track “Hypothesis” by Dublicator walks gently and happy and keeps a really nice pace.

“Distance” by Sibling carries a more melancholic mood whereas Starskie & Hagi devoted themselves to a more toned down sound with their “The 304 Dub” track.

“Iodine” by SUBSET is full of joy and good spirits as it walks along.

Tim Kossmann has released with us before and provides the unreleased fantastic deep track “Silent Memories”.

Et.iss supply us with their track “Subject 8” a track with a lot of drive and a lot of love for detail.

Upwellings has released with us before and shares this unreleased tune “Slow Lane” here with us which progresses smoothly in slow motion.

DepthCruiser introduces us to “Fiction 1870” a tasty piece of dub techno with an incredible acoustic quality.

Federsen modulate their chords in “Relative Minor” as their key theme and Overcast Sound massage your brain with particles of noise in “Shoreline”.

The Radical comes along bass heavy and with a lot of sound details moving alongside their chords.

The second track on this compilation by Upwellings is “West Coast Sunset” a DJ friendly dub techno piece.

Stillhead produce a lot of experimental electronic music not all is typical dub music.

“Greenland” also goes in a different direction than most of the tracks here and shows some individual class we want to share with you.

Ryan Sullivan’s “Butterfly Kisses” describes the more extreme electronic side of this selection as apposed to the traditional dub techno pieces here.

With “Babe (Tape Redub)” SONIMUN aka Numinos has written a dub-house track with lots of energetic forward motion and also Salz are fast paced with their remix of Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam’s “Third Moon” spitting out numerous modulations on a ?Domina“ like rhythm texture.

joergmueller remixed Salz in the past and here he contributes a sophisticated slow beat dub track with vocal snippets.

The last track “Phoenix” is more of an electronic piece of music with dub influences and was written and produced by Ümit Han.

telrae on soundcloud / telrae.com / traumschallplatten.de

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