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OutNow: Zetacode – Future is Here on CZ

Zetacode aka Russian artist Denis Gurgutsa returns to CZ with the excellent three tracker Future Is Here. His debut cut for us – In, back in the Summer of 2017 was very well received and no doubt this one will follow suit. Hailing from the seemingly remote Novosibirsk, Russia this guy has been churning out quality Techno since 2008, and in 2009 his track Aquarius on Toyfriend Music was remixed by techno master A.Paul. Denis‘ work has also been released on several other labels including Prozak Records, Tech People Music and Club Royale to name just a few. An impressively talented artist with a lot to offer, great to see him back for more.

Future Is Here intros with a solid punchy kick drum and subtle hi hat sequence. A powerful probing bass hit is front and centre while a mysterious sound effect lurks in the background. A tight rhythm is born thanks to layered percussions and that relentless bass tone. The track takes us deeper into the techno abyss, setting us up for a trippy encounter. A superbly executed arrangement that will most definitely not disappoint, one for the late night sessions here.

Up next we have the tribal fuelled grooves of Project LIFE which sets out with a tight drum arrangement and a series of very cool FX. A warping bassline hypnotizes as the drum layers build creating a surreal rhythmic groove that goes deep. An unrelenting slice to keep the pure techno heads moving, top notch stuff.

Come Up delivers a cool upbeat, funky kind of techno vibe thanks to a groovy bassline and some very cool chords. A solid drum section keeps the rhythm moving nicely while those keys move effortlessly through the sound. The bassline will definitely get the booty shakin on the floor with its offset simplicity. A dynamic sound that will get the party rocking for sure.

Exclusive Release date: 19/04/2018 (Traxsource )
Global Release date: 03/05/2018

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