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OutNow: ZI9MORTIUS – 33 EP on Pilanpo

ZI9MORTIUS is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and award winning director based in California.

Known for his intense animated psychedelic visuals, since 2012 Z has built a strong presence in the music and art world.

His directorial work includes an animated Nicki Minaj lyric video for the Maya Jane Coles sampled “Truffle Butter” feat. Drake and Lil Wayne & “Angel Eye” a fully animated music video made from the painting and radical transfiguration of hundreds of thousands of frames of a single human iris into animated angelic beings (can be seen on the Zi9mortius youtube channel). In 2019 Z envisioned an independent label called Pilanpo (www.pilanpo.com) to house all things music and collaborative music video and film projects.

Artist Quote: “There’s an out of body experience to be had listening to this music. It is a multi-sensory, psychically and biologically upgrading experience listened to from start to finish. A lot of my life creating this album was spent working with energy, plant medicines and studying natural sciences in various periods of isolation. The inspiration for 33 comes from the 33 vertebrae on the human spinal column. I wanted to convey a deep, profound message that our own body’s spinal column can be fully activated by specific sound harmonics through chant, breath and concentration. Learning to awaken this serpent like “kundalini force” causes our being to ascend into higher levels of spiritual awareness connecting us ultimately to the universal energies of what has created all life, planets and stars.

Release Title – 33 EP
Release Date  – June 12th
Label Name – Pilanpo (www.pilanpo.com)
Track list:
1. Zi9mortius – Ascending
2. Zi9mortius – 33
3. Zi9mortius – Space Now
4. Zi9mortius – ZMT-19
5. Zi9mortius – 33 Cont.
6. Zi9mortius – 9

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