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OutSoon: Andres Campo, Wigbert & Yeni | Cyborgs In Love on C-U Promo

YENI’s ‘Cyborgs In Love’ imprint returns with a stunning solo EP from Yeni that get high end remixes from Andres Campo and Wigbert.

Yeni on her Cyborgs In Love imprint “The connection between humanity and technology became so important that we became cyborgs.

We use machines to communicate, express our feelings, make music… the outputs that you see and hear our digital representations of our real emotions and love”ADAM BEYER: “Cool release“ 

ALAN FITZPATRICK “this is wicked”
MONIKA KRUSE “Hang On rocks“
NOIR “The remixes are dope“
KAROTTE “Andres Campo is my pick. I like it“


A1) Yeni – Hang On (Original Mix)
A2) Yeni – Hang On (Wigbert Remix)
B1) Yeni – Axon (Original Mix)
B2) Yeni – Axon (Andres Campo Mix)
C1) Holi Moly 

Release date – DEC 4th, 2017
Label – C-U Promo
Catalog no – CIL002

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