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OutSoon: The Chief – Life Cycles EP – THE CHEF MUSIC

Life Cycles EP is an explosive collection of energetic tracks produced by The Chef


Life Cycles starts off with a very powerful kick followed by a pad. The song will build up very shortly to a much complex and driving track. Its aggressive and dark vibe gives the song a unique attitude. It suggests to the listener a feel of danger and insecureness.

Silver has a very dark atmosphere that characterises the song and lets the listener embrace it till the end.

Gilled Tomatoes has pumping and driving rhythm that makes the song aggressive. It suggests a sense of loss with the explosion of the track and the very powerful drop, which leads into a loud and synthetic world.

That Empty Fridge lifts it up to a very high atmosphere. The song suggests a very dangerous run trough a unknown world where you’ve been left alone in the dark.

The Chief Music on Soundcloud

1) The Chef – Life Cycles
2) The Chef – Silver
3) The Chef – Grilled Tomatoes
4) The Chef – That Empty Fridge

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