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MATHIAS KADEN @ Instant Rave #038 w/ Paracou Agency

The love for electronic music never fades away! The beat never stops! Here is INSTANT RAVE #038! This time with Paracou Agency – www.paracou.de

___??????? ????? Founder Paracou Agency

Likably undisguised, always surprising and full of verve – putting mathias kaden‘s charisma in a nutshell is one thing. Mathias Kaden has been a DJ for more than 20 years now. 

And after more then 1700 gigs he still hasn‘t lost his addictive enthusiasm which keeps providing those special dancefloor moments to fans on almost all continents.None of his sets are like another.

Kaden‘s outstanding skills to interweave different spheres of electronic club music are documented by mix compilations for Watergate Records, Cocoon Recordings and the German magazine Groove. He has refined his very own versatile style, releasing more than two dozen EPs for renowned record labels such as Vakant, Desolat, Watergate Records, Pets Recordings and Ovum Recordings.

Staying closely-knit with his Thuringian home, Kaden‘s gig radius is clearly geared internationally – with regular gigs at well known clubs and festivals such as Time Warp, Fusion and Garbicz and a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza.

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