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Friede Freude Eierkuchen

OutNow: The Irresistible Force – Kira Kira on L.S.D @bandcamp @nubient

Bitte immer die Menschenrechte erinnern

dr. motte open mind radio show feat splapback 1 on telrae mix by salz

Samstag: Elektronische Musik Benefiz @ Landesmuseum Mainz mit Dr. Motte

Guten Morgen with a Bill Domonkos GIF #smokingĀ 

OutNow: DJ Wank on Acidworx with Nordic Compounds EP #Acid

OutNow: David Meiser – Dark Legacy – Dark Vortex

PreSale: Decision Making Theory 013 – Philippe Petit – Lose Yourself E.P. #DMT #Vinyl

#Outnow: Slapback 1 – Mixed By Salz – DJ Telrae M006 –

#OutNow: @RICO_PUESTEL – CARAVEL @cocoon_official COR12146 #vinyl

#OutNow: Christian Kliche – Drive – #Geushky Recordings @ian_void @KlicheChristian

Das Grosse Hoffest 2017 ARM Club Kassel

I like what #bandcamp is doing this friday for #transgender #artists

3 new members of the music family #korg #roland #novation

OutNow: shit Jappens – Telecom EP on Police Records


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