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Presale: Tom Wax & Dr. Motte “Trip To Venus” on Complexed Records

German mainstay Tom Wax joins forces with Berlin stalwart Dr. Motte in their first offering for Complexed, an original two-tracker.

‘Dark Spacer’ dives into the acid-tinged side of late-night techno antics, with a progressive lead and tension-amping built ups.

‘Trip to Venus’ is the heavy-hitter opening up the release, unveiling a massive bassline and immersive percussion, the perfect backdrop for soothing, choral vocals.

Straightforward and direct, it’s a peak time sweller with immediate effect.All in all a solid release for any primetime set coming from two of German’s techno most seasoned figures.” – DRUMCOMPLEX

Tom Wax and Dr. Motte - Trip To Venus / Dark Spacer on Complexed Records

Tom Wax and Dr. Motte – Trip To Venus EP on Complexed Records on Beatport

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