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Coming Soon: Torsten Kanzler & Silvie Miles on Rave The Planet – RTP018

Rave The Planet: Supporter Series is back, dedicated to showcasing the finest talent across the vast techno music spectrum.

Torsten Kanzler (Kuukou, Codex, Filth On Acid) opens this sampler with his fantastic “Exited”. He gets right to the point with a groovy, pumpin’ techno beat atop which sits a raw, acid bassline. The drumloop break in the middle accompanied by those iconic celestial synth choirs is a perfect nod to the old-school rave parties.

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Next up is the emerging talent of Silvie Miles (Bassgeflüster) paying homage to the German techno capital and home of Love Parade with her instant classic “I Love Berlin“. This genre-blending, complex track will captivate you with more than one momentum in the arrangement!

Cover: TORSTEN KANZLER / SYLVIE MILES Rave The Planet: Supporter Series, Vol 018
Coming soon on Rave The Planet: Torsten Kanzler & Silvie Miles

As with all our releases, the proceeds from the sales and streamings of RTP018 go directly into Rave The Planet’s non-profit mission: to protect the techno culture as UNESCO Intangible Heritage and to keep the spirit of the Berlin Love Parade alive with the annual demonstration “Rave The Planet Parade” in Berlin.

Release: November 17, 2023
Genre: Techno, Acid Techno

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