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OutNow: Red Rooms – Ghost EP on New Port Records

Ghost possesses a mesmerizing character, which is supported by a striking bassline and impulsive percussion elements, and puts the listener into trance-like states.

Ghost carries its name because of the floating surface, which gives the track a spherical and at the same time gloomy mood. Combined with a 303 sound, the result is a thrilling mixture of classic techno elements, coupled with exciting tribal sounds.

Resonate is the more classic techno track of both. The track gets its expressive character through the interplay of a driving kick in combination with a playful 303 bassline. The percussion elements are technotypically straight and are dominated by a distinctive hihat. A standing cymbal that stretches all over the track and the gloomy synth sounds give the track a very special tension curve.

Host Europe

Both tracks are original Techno Cuts with Groove and Acide elements. A sound that stays stuck, even long after the party.
Label: New Port Records
Cat. number: NPT011
Format: Digital
Release date: 29 September 2017
Genre: Techno



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