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OutNow: Steam Shape – Dusk EP on CODEX

Steam Shape is bringing its current sounding for their return on CODEX on July the 7th!

The Budapest based techno duo, SveTec and Nils, has taken a long journey until their current alias as Steam Shape. Both of them coming from a musical background, they turned from the piano to the decks quite early in 2003. Their obsession to the electronic music scene was increasing from the first time as they experienced its true spirit. They started their joint venture in the year 2005, when they decided to launch an event series, which would give them the possibility to express their musical vision on a regular basis.

Two tracks: “Dusk” and “Growl” are ready to deliver!

‘Dusk’ is rolling with a steady drum-section and answering percussion elements, accompanied by the moving hats, harsh clap and ride. The synth stab and the vocal-ish element is pushing it to a peak-time banger. As the break is building up from scratch, the energy and vibe is developing into euphoria.

‘Growl’ is going loopy and hypnotizing on the EP. The tooly track is going along with a constantly evolving drum section; all the elements are setting the perfect groove. Solid beats and on-point percussions, complemented by a hypnotic vocal and catchy break to hammer in the morning hours.

Links: codexfamily.comwww.instagram.com/codexrec


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