“Anyone who understands music as a culture’s social responsibility is and will always remain progressive.”

Dr. Motte @
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“30 Jahre Loveparade”

Temporary Exhibition curated by Dr. Motte & Michael Geithner

On 1st July 1989, months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, history was written: Music history, world history – but above all a love story.

This year the mother of all techno festivals celebrates her 30th birthday:

Happy birthday Loveparade!

On the 1st of July 2019, the day of anniversary of the mass phenomenon, Dr. Motte and nineties berlin celebrate the opening of their new temporary exhibition “30 Jahre Loveparade”. (eng. “30 Years Of The Loveparade”)

In collaboration with the nineties berlin curator Michael Geithner, Dr. Motte gives personal insights into the extraordinary history of the Berlin parades. They show that the idea of uniting people in diversity under the umbrella of electronic music continues to have an effect in Berlin until today.

The special exhibition will be a new part of the permanent exhibition until 31st January 2020. For more info check the NEWS.

Download Dr. Mottes speech for the opening of the special exhibition “30 Jahre Loveparade” here. 


ARTE Concert, Red Bull Music & Funkhaus Berlin present:
DR. MOTTE @ “S3kt0r UFO – 30 Jahre Techno in Berlin”

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