Pre-Release: Tom Wax & Dr. Motte “Trip To Venus EP” on Complexed Records

‘Dark Spacer’ dives into the acid-tinged side of late-night techno antics, with a progressive lead and tension-amping built ups.

‘Trip to Venus’ is the heavy-hitter opening up the release, unveiling a massive bassline and immersive percussion, the perfect backdrop for soothing, choral vocals.

Straightforward and direct, it’s a peak time sweller with immediate effect.All in all a solid release for any primetime set coming from two of German’s techno most seasoned figures.” – DRUMCOMPLEX

Tom Wax and Dr. Motte - Trip To Venus / Dark Spacer on Complexed Records
Tom Wax and Dr. Motte – Trip To Venus EP on Complexed Records on Beatport

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Thank you for your support, listening, playing and sharing with your friends. Dr. Motte

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Premiere: Jam El Mar Brings “The Pressure” to Rave the Planet Series

Riot Recordings present their third instalment of the Rave the Planet EP series with the debut of German producer Jam El Mar’s “The Pressure.” This latest release features three solo tracks by Chicago legend DJ Rush, Germany’s Jam El Mar, and Riot Recordings label boss Frankyeffe.

Jam El Mar closes out the EP release with his explosive track “The Pressure” which is perfect for peak time DJ sets with its raw aggression. A veteran of the club scene in Frankfurt, his tracks have caused mayhem on dance floors across the world. He is also one half of the iconic Jam&Spoon duo with Marc Spoon (RIP), and together they are famed for tracks like their timeless remix of “The Age Of Love.”

Rave The Planet is a non-profit organization based in Berlin dedicated to the art and culture of electronic music. Their main aims are to bring back the spirit of the Berlin LoveParade with a new, big techno parade in 2022 and to protect electronic music culture as an UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

Joining electronic music culture from around the globe, Riot Recordings Supporters Series features music from artists around the world, whose ethos matches that of Rave The Planet.

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Ballroom Records Radioshow #282 with Dr. Motte

This is a special edition of our Ballroom Radio Show as we’re proud to present the third edition of our ‘In Bed With Ballroom’ – Series where artists go through our back catalogue at Ballroom Records, select their favourite tunes and create a mix from that!

This time it is Mister Loveparade himself ‘Dr. Motte’ and we’re really happy to present the next two hours of Ballroom’s Music selected and mixed by Dr. Motte! – enjoy!

The Ballroom Records Radioshow is presented by AlBird! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify and never miss a new episode or our current and upcoming releases!


01 Zakari&Blange – Aphrodite [Ballroom Records]
02 Paul Feris – Spiral [Ballroom Records]
03 Barbuto – Mathematical [Ballroom Records]
04 Barber, James Trystan – Fever [Ballroom Records]
05 Christian Hornbostel – Sunshower [Ballroom Records]
06 Durtysoxxx – Streamates [Ballroom Records]
07 Kaiser Souzai – Sphynx (Teenage Mutants Remix) [Ballroom Records]
08 Monococ – Night Scream [Ballroom Black]
09 Kaiser Souzai – Tokkata (Dino Maggiorana Remix) [Ballroom Black]
10 Modest Crow – Moro [Ballroom Records]
11 Banazonic – S.p.a.m. [Ballroom Records]
12 Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Ultra City [Ballroom Black]
13 Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Traffic Jam [Ballroom Black]
14 Abstrakt (UK) – You Play Tonight [Ballroom Black]
15 Monococ – Timewarp [Ballroom Black]
16 Dimi Mechero – Stuck in the Rain [Ballroom Records]
17 Danny Wabbit, Karim Alkhayat – Retaliate [Ballroom Records]
18 Maharti – Clave Kick [Ballroom Black]
19 Bervon – The Silence (Clark Bach Remix) [Ballroom Black]
20 SA-DOC – Space Fiction [Ballroom Records]
21 Darragh Casey – Geneva [Ballroom Purple]
22 Daniel Boon – Enemy [Ballroom Black]
23 Hasan Pirmuradov – New Horizon [Ballroom Black]
24 Vazik – Cobalto [Ballroom Black]
25 POLS – Orion [Ballroom Records]
26 Spuri – Divergence [Ballroom Black]

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LIVESTREAM: Dr. Motte’s Chillout & Ambient Set 04/10/20

Welcome to the Easter Edition of Dr. Motte’s weekly Chillout & Ambient livestream.

“Whoever considers music to have a social responsibility within our culture is and remains progressive.”
(Dr. Motte)


Next Ambient Chill Out Livestream every Friday from 8PM – 10PM Berlin time.


You See No Video? It’s here on 

01 Going On An Adventure – Floex
02 Take Off album edit – CONNECT.OHM
03 Departure – Rising Galaxy
05 1141 – Evadez
06 Requiem Of The Metallic Heart – Ruxpin
07 Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet – Pauline Anna Strom
08 Orugoru Side Liner Remix – Gregory Paul Mineeff
09 Freefall Alucidnation remix – Pitch Black
10 Meteorites – CIRCULAR
11 Iapetus – Sundaze
12 Sometimes I Lose My Soul – Tranquility Bass
13 Elementary Particles – Bluetech
14 Caravane – Radar
15 ALTITUDES – Altitude II
15 Quantum State – 2xirtam
17 Ignarus – Astralasia
18 The Tenth Planet – Eat Static
19 Dubster beatless – Gabriel Le Mar
20 Flying Spirals – Solar Quest
21 Good Night – Eguana

Livestream: Der heilende Klang // Ambient DJ Set

Liebe Freund*innen, Dear Friends all over the Planet, 


Eure Reaktionen auf meinen Livestream vom vergangenen Freitag waren überwältigend und haben mich sehr berührt. Einige schrieben Dinge wie, die Musik hätte sie beruhigt, Zuversicht gegeben und würde bei der Heilung helfen.

Das ist wohl das Größte, was man sich als DJ wünschen kann. Auch mir hat es sehr viel Freude gemacht dieses Set für euch zu spielen und da schon währenddessen mehrmals der Wunsch geäußert wurde, das zu wiederholen, möchte ich euch herzlich einladen, die Reise mit mir fortzusetzen – 𝗮𝗯 𝘀𝗼𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘁 𝗷𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗴. 

Laßt uns gemeinsam für zwei Stunden der Realität entsagen und einfach nur hören und fühlen.

.•°*★ ɖɛཞ ɧɛıƖɛŋɖɛ ƙƖąŋɠ ★*°•.
1992 veröffentlichte ich das Album „Chill Out Planet Earth“ auf Space Teddy, weil ich schon damals der Meinung war, daß die Welt mal einen Gang runter schalten könnte. Der letzte Track auf dem Album trägt den Namen „Der heilende Klang“ und weil dieser Titel gerade so zur aktuellen Situation passt, stelle ich ihn ab Freitag auf meiner Website zum Download zur Verfügung.

Bis Freitag,
Euer Dr. Motte

Time: Freitag, 27 / 03 / 2020 – 20:00 bis 22:00 UTC+01

Event Link: