Dr. Motte Presents Support Act

Dr. Motte Presents Support Act


Dr. Motte aka ‘Father of the Love Parade’ has always been a big fan of musical cooperations. Previously they took only place behind studio doors… Until now!

The very first time in almost 30 years of his DJ-career Dr. Motte presents a support act. From now on he tours together with SUPERSTROBE!

Since 2007 Superstrobe is an international live act that played in many countries like Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Ukraine, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, France … And of course, good old Germany. In april ’12 the former duo seperated cause each of them wanted to do his own way. In september  we started the comeback of Manuel Winkler as solo-artist Superstrobe on Dr. Motte’s record label PRAXXIZ. The first single “Strip Down” (incl. a fantastic Da Fresh remix) jumped on position one of the Deejay.de vinyl presale charts and leaded the vinyl sales charts for weeks. Even the Japanese audience recently discovered Superstrobe for themselves!

Superstrobe’s first solo album “REBOOT” is waiting in the wings and will be released in early december 2012 on PRAXXIZ.

Dr. Motte says “This act is one of the best young artists I’ve heard for years. He really deserves that big support!”

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