Friendship wasn’t thought up by Facebook – friends have always been around. We all need them. Scientific studies show: if you have friends, you’re more satisfied and healthier.



  • The MAYDAY admission ticket is your voucher for new friendships. Directly redeemable and valid forever. Jubilation, joy and carefree contentment will be waiting for you in the hall. A place of togetherness, where a smile is answered with a smile.
  • MAYDAY “Making Friends” is a promise: be open and you’ll find friendships. Be warm-hearted and you’ll be a part of the community. Simply keep in mind: the best way to find a friend is to be one yourself.
  • Celebrate MAYDAY. And Make Friends.

“Love, peace and harmony” for 30 years. 1985 saw the Love Parade founder Dr. Motte standing on the stage as a DJ for the first time and it’s been a thousand more times before millions of people since then. His motto is sublimely apt for MAYDAY too: This Is Our Future – Open Your Heart – Free Your Mind – Dance!

(PL) Od 30 lat: „Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen“. W roku 1985 Dr. Motte, założyciel Love Parade, po raz pierwszy wystąpił na scenie jako DJ a od tego czasu już tysiące razy – przed milionami ludzi. Jego motto odnosi się także do MAYDAY: This Is Our Future – Open Your Heart – Free Your Mind – Dance!

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