NEW ON PRAXXIZ: Euphorhythm – ‘Chill Out Planet Earth’

This album is a milestone in the history of electronic music!

  • In 1992, Euphorhythm a.k.a. Dr. Motte released his first album „CHILL OUT PLANET EARTH“ on the legendary Berlin record label Space Teddy.

  • After getting masses of requests for a re-release Dr. Motte decided to do it on his own label, of course with a brilliant re-mastering dedicated to the best sound systems of the world.
  • And here we are – timeless music and magnificent sound. Just listen and chill out planet earth.


  • Tracklisting:

  • 1. I’m In Trance With You

  • 2. Lovesick

  • 3. Behind The Door

  • 4. Chill Out Planet Earth

  • 5. Analysed Force

  • 6. Der heilende Klang

  • All tracks written & produced 1992 by Matthias Roeingh (Dr. Motte) without the use of any computer but a Roland TR 909, Vestax DJ Mixer PMC15, Roland MC-202, Roland Juno 60, Boss SE50 EFX Unit, Moog Progigy…
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